Experiencing Service Issues?

We are very sorry you are having issues with your service. Problems can arise for a number of reasons. Follow the the general troubleshooting steps to resolve most common networking issues. If you are still experiencing issues and using a router a call will need to be made to WLETC to further trouble shoot connection as most ISP's like WLETC they do not have an alerting system that will make them aware of any trouble may have on your connection.WLETC has a monitoring and reporting system in place for global reference but no attention is required past any infrastructure of WLETC. A tech may be required to test your connection on site to ensure quality of service and availability.

External Network vs. Internal Network +

A call to WLETC will need to be made in order to determine if you are experiencing an External Network or Internal Network issue.

WLETC supports external network issues including problems with your WLETC radio and power adapter as well as our towers and upstream network devices. WLETC does not support internal network Issues. This includes issues with your computer, router(customer owned) or other home network devices. If you are experiencing an internal network issue and a service technician is dispatched, you will be billed for the service call. As an alternative, we may refer you to a third party technician for your internal network issue. The only exclusion is the purchase of a WLETC router or gateway with the support package that is included upon purchase. This support only includes the router or gateway itself other internal IT support issues will be differed or billed accordingly.


General Troubleshooting:

Step 1:Unplug the Power Cable

Unplug the Power Cable to your WLETC Power Adapter . At the same time unplug the power cable to your router, if used.If you have a WLETC router that is black with a WLETC label on it then all that needs to be done is to unplug power to the WLETC router.

Step 2:Check POE Cable

Ensure the POE Ethernet Cable is securely connected.The POE Ethernet Cable is often black or grey and runs outside to your radio.Unplug and reconnect the cable until it clicks firmly into place.

Step 3: Plug-in the Power Cable

Plug-in your WLETC Power Adapter Power Cable.
The Power Light should be on solid and not blinking.
If you have a router; leave it powered off at this time.
If you have a WLETC router then plug in the power to the WLETC router.


Step 4: Check the LAN Cable

Ensure the LAN Ethernet Cable is securely connected.
The LAN Ethernet Cable should connect to the ‘Internet‘ ‘WAN‘ or ‘Uplink‘ port on the router OR directly to the Ethernet Port on your computer.  Unplug and reconnect the cable at both ends until it clicks firmly into place.


Step 5: Reboot Devices

Re-boot your computer, and wait until it has fully loaded.
If you have a router, re-connect the power cable at this time.

If you have a WLETC router this should already be power on.


Step 6: Check your Connection

Check your Web Browser and check for a connection. Its always good to wait at least 2 or 3 mins for everything to initialize and finish booting.
If you are still unable to get online AND you are connected through your router then you will need to bypass your router.

If you have a black WLETC Router with WLETC label on top then a call to the office or fill out our support form here for further trouble shooting.

Locate Your  Power Adapter:

POE type2
POE Type 1

How to bypass the router: This part of the trouble shooting only applies if you are using one of the POE types above and if WLETC rep has requested you do this step:

Step1: Follow the LAN cable

Locate the LAN Ethernet Cable that is connected to your radio power adapter and follow it to the ‘Internet‘ ‘WAN‘ or ‘Uplink‘ port on your router. ** May Vary By Model

Step 2: Connect Your Computer

Un-Plug the LAN Ethernet Cable from the router and connect it directly to the Ethernet Port on your Computer.

Step 3: Disable WiFi

Disable the WiFi Adapter on your computer or disconnect from any active Wireless Network. Also unplug the Power Cable to your router. This is to avoid network connection conflicts.

Step 4: Reboot Your Computer

Congratulations! You are now connected directly to our radio. Re-boot your computer, and wait until it has fully loaded.

Step 5: Check Your Connection

Open your Web Browser and check for a connection.You will only be able to see our website once connected.This is done for security reasons. If you are still unable to get online please Contact Tech Support.
R201P Router

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